Repairs and Services


I need to get my vehicle repaired or serviced

At some point your car may require maintenance, such as new tyres, new brake pads or a service. This work can be carried out by any authorised service agent.

To get the required work done, you should make a booking at an authorised agent at a time convenient to you. If you require any assistance in making a booking, please call our service desk on 1300 235 338

On arrival, let the agent know the vehicle is maintained by Australian Fleet Management. Before the work is carried out they will call us for authorisation. We will check to make sure the required work is included in your maintenance package, and then provide the agent with an authorisation number to proceed. We have pre-arranged fleet rates with dealerships across the country. We strongly recommend you use a manufacturer approved service agent (e.g., a dealer) for all mechanical work. For example, if your vehicle is a Holden, you should take it to a Holden dealership.

Having your vehicle worked on by a mechanic who is not manufacturer-authorised may void your warranty.