I have had a change of employer

At some point in your lease you may move

to a new employer. It is very important you

advise us as soon as you are aware of this,

so we can help make this transition easi.

Most employers will allow you to include your lease as part of your salary package. If necessary, we can speak to them about this and explain the benefits. We suggest you print the 'Employer Information Sheet' below and give this to your new employer, as an initial introduction to novated leases.

You will need to fill out and send a 'Change of Employer' form, available below. Once we receive the completed form, we will generate and send you the appropriate documentation for both you and your new employer to sign. This process should take no more than 10 working days.

The first invoice date for your new employer will be the first date of the month after your current employment ceases.

If your new employer has not deducted sufficient funds (if any) from you, then you may need to arrange to pay, or part-pay, this invoice yourself.

If your employer decides not to include your novated lease as part of your salary package, you can make payments directly to us. This means you will lose the ongoing tax-benefit, but you can continue to enjoy your car, financed at a great rate.

For further information on changing employers please contact our Novated Relationship Team on 1300 266 828